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Glowing In The Sky And Burning
(The Dark Corner Beneath The Plumbs)

All tracks written and produced by Ghosts Are These. Composition, vocals, lyrics, guitar and effects by Paul Hewing. Composition, programming, sound processing and engineering by Logan Dataspirit. Artwork by Reykjavik Grimmsson. Invaluable help from Kya and Carlos Blanca. Additional materials from the Freesound Project. This album is released under the Creative Commons License by-nc-sa.
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(Queen of Diamonds)

Fed on the desire of wanderlust
Let down, skewed and denied trust.
A hard rain, was falling down on the train
Of gallows ideas running through my brain.

Scattered like my bellyaches
The set of my memories won't tell how long it takes
To leave. Away to a better place.

Here comes now a strange figure
Walking down the road so sure.
Protected by a strange device,
A little girl, with an umbrella of ice,
Brought such delight to my eyes.

Sure taking me away to a better place.


(Queen of Hearts)

Hesitating globes of amber
Glowing in the sky an' bur-
ning. I couldn't say how much time elapsed.

All the world around remains the same
Though something has just collapsed:
All dirty, all stupid, all to blame.


(Queen of Clubs)

This is the bottom of my head
Something's hiding there
#Ë??ÍÆËÍ·?Œ„?ŒÅ??‚ªÎ??         damn it
It's... itching
Beatings inside
I wish
                    I could take it away
I wish i could
##1==+¨$$^`ù=       I wish i was taken away   cut it, cut it cut it!
Make it right       taken away, taken away
But I'm just a selfish bastard       taken away
       cut it.

Virtues of Haste

(Joker King)

Look at this man
Tall, harmless, food in can
Indeed he can...

Look at these men,
Doom of ordinary citizen
But I can swear it isn'
t me walking down the street
Giving Sally a greet-
ing she does not deserve.

Look at this man,
Mere shocking bollocks,
He's gone around the blocks
And now, indeed he can...

Now the birds are coming in
The ghost is here watching
The match is about to blow out

Look at this man,
Struggling with the smoke
of his mind. He's a joke.
He's dressed up like an ordinary citizen.
But I can swear it isn
t me. Obey, observe.

Survivors of the Shipwreck

(Joker Owl)

Adam, walking home, straight from school
And Rachel, holding little Miriam up in arms
Joseph, is home, taking care of Peter,
The elder looks after his brother,
That's how it works in our yarn.
Cecilia, she likes to sing a song,
And that's to please me.
Gather up around the hearth,
Sit down on the carpet floor
We'll stay together, no matter what.

But now is time to part
Will you tell them about me?
Please tell the about us.
When I'm gone, please tell them about me.

You take us all
You take our souls

I need you, my young survivors of the shipwreck.

And When Suddenly The Cliff...

(Joker Imp)

The rag man hooded in his cloak
He roams the sand holding his clock
And when he sees the hopping rabbit
He says to him fear the time limit
For all those things will fade
Dark times are ahead

Bears, they have multiplied
Though they are numerous they hide
They believe themselves wide
But in the end, they'll drown in their pride
Some want you to feel their blade
Dark times are ahead

All the sheep lords they ride
Running away from the rising tide
They seek deep in their glade
Wondering: "is it how it was made?"
And some want you to believe they paid
But dark times are ahead...

Metrics and Formulas

(King of Hearts)

How many miles did you walk alone today?
Enough? or will you need 5 vegetables a day?
Now you're running and trying to reach the horizon
Ma says when you reach it'll be all right then

I just turned off
the biggest lying mouth of all time s-
o I keep telling Rachel it's not my fault I'm s-
ick of it all. Locked in the vault I'm s-
taying away.

This is your life, and it's wasted away
Under the rule of metrics and tabular days

You say you're strong, that you chose that way,
But why then do your hands have no thumbs?

This is your life, and it's spent away,
In the realm of calculus and formulas.

Where's the wolf gone? Is it in the laundry?
Or in the dark corner beneath the plumbs?

Eat the lamb...


(King of Spades)

Unwilling to create
This ends the date
A star is born

A bit of hate
Illusions of fate
Left in the morn

Little bird, little bird
Blossomed into a blaze of colours

With only a mum
Frail and with so m-
any goods worn

Every day must come
Merry days will come
Sweeping away all the scorn

Little bird, little bird
Blossomed into a blaze of colours

And born again.

On My Lips

(King of Clubs)

It started on nothing
Storytelling in the middle of golden fields
Where you left your stepping stones
Where youth left place to a new age
Where you left for unused lands
and followed inspiration

When I go to bed
I'm off sailing
In your arms
You're the dream
I need you
I need your taste on my lips
Take me away

It's time to jeopardize
This filthy paradise
With flowers from your mouth

Take me away.